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in a motorcycle crash. >>> the ramp from inner loop to river road is closed. tracee wilkins joins us live with the very latest. good morning, tracy. >> reporter: good morning, joe. yes, this was a double fatal accident. look behind me. you can see state troopers are still on the scene investigating. as you said, a man and woman killed. both on that motorcycle. this was a single motorcycle crash. in other vehicles were involved. but because of that the ramp has been closed all morning long. this happened at 2:50 a.m. if you're trying to take the inner road exit you'll not be able to enter at this point. with more information on exactly how to do that jerry edwards will have that for us in just a bet. live on the beltway. back to you all in the studio. >> all right. tracee, that you can. tell us about how to get around this mess. >> you have a couple options. it is going to cause delays. take the inner loop north on the 270 spur. after that, turn around and go south. that will make the trip a little bit easier for you. stay with theern loop georgetown road inner loop to wisconsin avenue are
on the inner loop to river road closed here. the accident happened happened in the lower portion of the ramp. this is one of the longer ramps off the beltway. the investigation is still continuing. at this point police tell us they're looking at one single motorcycle with two people on the motorcycle who were killed in this accident. we don't know how long the road will remain closed. if this is your normal exit know it is closed for now. for more information go to jerry edwards. >>> show you on the map the scene of the accident. these are live pictures. ramp from the inner loop to go on to river road remains closed. what they're telling tracee it's going to be for some time. start planning alternate routes. once you get past the exit for river road, the only thing you can do is to go up to the spur, turn around. the outer loop that is in indeed open. wisconsin avenue potential alternate routes. it won't be too long before that traffic backs up on to the capital beltway itself. the trip along interstate 270 southbound, travel lanes open frederick all the way down. i-95 in virginia, earlier w
thenar loop of the beltway to river road in beg he -- bethesda. >> reporter: good morning. two people or a motorcycle attempting to pawrntly to exit on river road t would seem they missed the exit, crashed into a guard rail. those people were pronounced dead. can i run down what state police know at this point. they got several calls because the female ended up in the exit ramp. originally, when they got here, he they saw a female instruct tim lying in the roadway t took some investigation before they later found the male victim. he was propelled over over the guard rail into i ditch. motorcycle went forward, over the he can and ended up underneath this bridge overpass. they are continuing their accident investigation. i believe they are going to be transporting the victims out at this time. i was told they have not yet been able to recover the motorcycle because of where it is located. at this point, the ramp remains shut down. state highway are hoping to get this hope sometime within the next hour but they just have to wrap up the accident investigation. needless to say, there will
in a motorcycle crash on the beltway. this on the inner loop ramp right off the beltway onto river road in beth he is that. live pictures here as emergency crews are still on the scene this morning. >>> good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a look at your weather right now with tony per dins. the latest on a scorcher. we knew it was coming. >> yeah, it will be a hot one. -- with tony perkins. >> we'll have a high today in the mid-90s. we'll start with the satellite- radar show you what is happening across the region. we do have some clouds. we had some clouds early this morning or have had some clouds during the overnight hours but for the most part things look good. we have nothing going on in the way of precipitation and today will be another try day as high pressure settled in and we don't expect to see any precipitation touring the course of the day. i say it will be dry. by that, i mean there won't be any rain but it will be plenty humid. 72degrees now here in washington. 73 out in annapolis. 68 down to our south in quantico. gaithers
south and exit the outer loop to inbound. the ramp from outer loop is open. of course stay with the beltway. come wisconsin avenue. here's a live picture of the ramp from the inner loop to go in on river road. the ramp is closed. it will make for a tough morning. we will keep you updated all morning long. back to you. >> jerry, thanks so much. >> thank now to the heat wave. we are going to chase some record temperatures today. there is a code orange air quality alert which means if you have a heart or upper respiratory ailment you should stay inside because of the dangerous air quality. also be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stay cool. picking up trash earlier than usual to avoid the extreme heat. tomorrow morning they will begin at 6:00 a.m. you can put it out 6:00 p.m. the night before. department of public works says it wants to protect the health of its workers. and this is dangerous heat. >> and it's going to feel even hotter later today. >> yeah. for construction workers, anybody who has to work outside, you definitely need to take great care, respect the he
have a disabled truck on the shoulder. 695 the inner loop at park heights. be aware of that. this is 50 and 97 westbound traffic on 50 a little heavier to the left of the screen. very quiet on the eastbound side. our drive times are doing pretty well so far. we are on time 83 to the beltway. five minutes. 59 southbound out of white marsh 6 minutes and the outer loop from 795 to 70, 7 minutes and 6 minutes between bel air and providence. only incident we have right now is 95 southbound before 216. cars are damaged by tire debris and the cars are over on the shoulder so. be careful if you are heading towards dc. >> thanks a lot. >>> new information this morning on the pit bull attack that injured an elderly woman in greektown. this is a very disturbing story this early in the morning. but linda so is here with details on the injuries of the victim and how she is doing so far. >> reporter: well, she had to live through a nightmare. a relative says the good news is doctors at bayview medical senter were able to reconstruct her face but she remains in a lot of pain and it's going to be a lon
in a motorcycle crash. >> this accident happened on the ramp from the inner loop of the beltway to river road. >> we have late-breaking details. jumey? >> good morning. what we know is one man and one woman were riding on one motorcycle when it crashed just before 2:50 a.m. this morning. that's when maryland state police got out here. crews remain on the scene as well as a v dot and m dot crew. we know the motorcycle was traveling on the inner loop from virginia into maryland. trying to get off exit 39 when at some point whoever was driving the motorcycle lost control, hit the guardrail. both were thrown off. they found two helmets out here. but they are not sure when the victims were wearing the helmets. they are trying to find out who the family is so they can note phi the next of kin. that's why they are not releasing the names of the victims yet. you can use wisconsin avenue here in bethesda. reporting live. we'll send it back in to you. >> 6:03. to your other headlines. a heat advisory for the entire region as we climb towards record-breaking highs.
have the on-going roadwork, stay to the left to get on by. the inner loop and the outer loop roadwork holding steady between 66 and 123. all of that should be out of here by the start of the 5:00 hour. we have a look at 267, the dulles toll road and ramp closures at 4:40. that's in my next report. >> we begin with a look at things making news today. firefighters battling a wildfire near los alamos, new mexico, are working to keep the blaze out of the town and away from a government nuclear facility. >>> that's the goal. some people living near that lab say they're concerned about the health risks if the fire reaches the storage area holding radioactive waste. officials at los alamos national laboratory say there is no threat with that. the lab was closed for another day. >> a federal judge has ruled doctors can continue giving antipsychotic drugs to the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage. lawyers for jared lee loughner had asked for an emergency hearing trying to stop doctors from forcibly medicating their client. >> riot police and protestors are still battling in greece. the pro
hampshire avenue in maryland. your inner loop and outer loop. you're looking great in maryland. let's head down to virginia, 395 south of edsall. 395 north and south is looking good as well. let's head up to the 14th street bridge. so far you're clear as well with no accidents to report. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> in the news this morning, two men cruising around d.c. impersonating police officers trying to pull people over and committing crimes. now d.c. police are asking for your help to find them. news 4's melissa mollet joins us now from police headquarters with more on this. melissa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, joe. that's right. police on the lookout for a car they believe was involved in two different crimes. now they're asking for our help in finding this car. the car the suspects were in is a vehicle very similar to this one, a late '90s blue crown victoria with tinted windows and emergency lights in the front and back of the car. last friday morning, the men attempted a traffic stop at 47th and gault place northwest. one hour later po
okay there. traffic is moving well in both directions on the inner loop and the outer loop. as you can see hardly anyone on the inner loop heavier on the outer loop to the left of the screen. we have an accident that was reported the ramp had been blocked from the inner loop. 695 to harrisburg being pressway. now you can -- expressway. now you can get gi -- get by on the right. accident was reported between the beltway and timonium. there may be slowdowns but you are getting by to the right. back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> 6:02. developing news for you this morning. surrounding the murder of a 12- year-old found dead inside -- found dead inside her home which unfolded tuesday night in gaithersburg. and this morning, linda so is here with new information and reaction on that child's death. linda. >> reporter: well, police are not saying much right now because they don't want to tip off suspects about what investigators have been able to uncover. but this is what we do know. neighbors say they heard screams coming from the town house on tuesday evening. when they arrived, they found 12
on the road. southwest side of the beltway, 695 at wilkins. heavier traffic on the outer loop. light traffic on the inner loop to the right. 895 northbound, the drive times are doing okay. 83 from shawan to the beltway. 95 out of white marsh 6 minutes. and 695 on outer loop. 6 minutes to bel air to providence. 895 northbound past holabird we have debris on the road so be careful. >> this is new information this morning in the killings of a mom and her daughter. baltimore county police have confirmed that the 25-year-old alicia avery was put into her towson apartment by city police because she was in a witness -- because she was a witness in a upcoming trial. she was found dead with her daughter. police have not established a motive. seems the family is just puzzled. >> it doesn't matter what happened. she is gone. how can you kill someone's child? >> the family of alicia says she was there three months -- she was three months pregnant with her third child and was having problems with the father of the unborn baby. police sigh they don't have suspects. >>> -- police say they don't have suspec
, the focus is north of the district. this is your outer loop from 95 over to 270, outside, finding the lanes wide open. a great example of that here at 29 colesville road. we're not done yet. we have your travel times. looking at just about 10 minutes. looks like the inner loop is moving at speed approaching the dulles toll road. the toll road itself, not so bad approaching the capital beltway. still ahead, a look at the bw parkway. that's coming up at 5:09. back to you. >>> problems at arlington national cemetery continue to be uncovered. in a "washington post" article, it is revealed a federal grand jury is meeting in alexandria. >> now, this stems from those revelations of poor management, disorganization by the people leading the cemetery. lindsey mastis joins us live from arlington national cemetery with the latest on this investigation. lindsey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. this investigation has been going on for about six months. that's according to "the washington post." they're focusing in on contracting fraud and falsification of records. there have been numerous
a beltway accident. that's how we begin. we want to take you out live and show you on the outer loop, approaching the wilson bridge, that's where we're finding the crash activity. overall though, on the outer loop and inner loop, notice it is not really affecting the flow of traffic right now. moving it over to our maps, this time we want to focus in on 95 in virginia. outside, we're tracking a little bit of the volume. things really starting to fill out between the prince william parkway over to 123. no incidents to report along the way. back over to the graphics, this time we take a look at 66. if you're an eastbound traveler, you would be happy to know, move it outside, overall, not so bad. construction is cleared. it looks like we have a little bit of volume building around 234 and approaching route 50. here are your travel times in maryland. we take you over to the outer loop. 95 to 270. 95 headed southbound, no problems to the beltway. the inner loop is moving at speed from route 4 over to the wilson bridge. just maybe a little rubbernecking going on due to the outer loop accid
're dealing with a double fatal out on the inner loop as drivers try to access the river road exit ramp. it is currently closed. that's where we find our surae chinn who's been live there all morning. surae, you have the very latest. what have you learned? >> i just talked with maryland state police. they want to open up the road in about 20, 30 minutes. good news for commuters. i'm told the medical examiner is here and possibly wrapping up their final investigation here. and so at that point, then this ramp could be open in the next 20, 30 minutes. what we know from here is that this was a double fatality on a motorcycle. police say that the driver hit a guardrail and the two people flipped over. the woman lying on the ground here on river road exit and the man flew behind the exit some 20, 30 yards behind there. it took some time for authorities to actually find the body there. the motorcycle lying underneath the bridge. that's the latest. no identity has been released. that will take time pending this investigation and notification for families. angie? >> that update, surae was live
with a very bad accident. this is on the inner loop to that ramp to get to river road. it is actually shut down. we have a live reporter on the scene. he's going to be bringing us updates throughout the morning. it is a double fatal involving a motorcycle, volume still very light on the beltway. no major back-ups to report at this time. we'll keep you posted on the very latest conditions on the ramp. let's take you to a wide view of the area. other parts of the beltway checking out ok especially north of the district here in maryland. outside, we're not seeing any major delays from 95 over to 270. over to the maps again, interstate 270 and show you the southbound trip. right now, no significant slow goes out of urbana as drivers make their way past 121. you can see the live conditions here at father hurley. 7100 to the beltway. also the inner loop, no problem. and 267, we're moving at speed. still ahead, a look at 95 in maryland. andrea and mike, back to you. >>> thanks, angie. a deadly crash could lead to a really serious back-up on the beltway from virginia into maryland. >> two people d
loop in maryland, looks like our lingering construction here is between 50 and 202. and also between university and new hampshire avenue in another part of the beltway. on 95 headed northbound in maryland, it looks like your roadwork is still around 495, also, it lobby powder mill. all of that should be clearing in the next 30 minutes or so. 66 headed eastbound, construction is already clearing between 50 and 123. 395 going northbound, you're doing just fine. southbound, you have the construction between duke and seminary. still ahead, a look at the dulles toll road at 4:40. back to you. >>> we begin this morning with a look at some stories making news today. the general who has been nominated to take over the war effort in afghanistan says he supports the president's plan to redeploy 30,000 troops back home to the u.s. >>> marine lieutenant general john allen says the drawdown will force afghan leaders to increase the size of their own security forces in order to eventually be prepared to take over from the u.s. forces. allen's comments from part of a questionnaire he was asked to f
. continuing on to 395, you only have the on-going construction project at the bridge. the inner loop in virginia, your roadwork is holding steady at the mixing bowl. you're actually closed off there so you'll be detoured on the 395, the outer loop at 123. the outer loop in maryland, no problem. the inner loop, we do have construction at route 50. should be clearing by the start of the 5:00 hour. still ahead, a look at 267, the dulles toll road. i'll have that in my next traffic report at 4:40. back to you. >>> here is a look at things making news today. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on a hotel in afghanistan's capital. >> a team of suicide bombers stormed the building killing several people and setting off an intense four-hour standoff. the attackers were also killed but only after nato helicopters moved in. the assault came ahead of an important meeting on the handover of security from nato forces, eventually to afghanistan. >>> firefighters in los alamos, new mexico are scrambling to protect a nuclear lab from a fast-moving wildfire. officials insist d
at wilkins. traffic building in both directions. a little heavier on the outer loop to the left of the screen. activity top side is we have an accident on the inner loop at the jfx. don't have a camera there just yet so i can't tell you how much of a problem it is causing. drive times okay. we are not having a major problem with that. you are doing okay 83 southbound to the beltway no problems. 59 southbound out of white marsh 6 minutes and outer loop is okay 795 to 70, 7 minutes bel air to providence is just 6 minutes. and inner loop at jfx, be careful as you approach the jfx. megan. >> thanks tonya. >>> 5:31. get ready to bake today. that alone has schools pretty nervous and leaders are taking action this morning. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in rogers forge where a revised school day is in effect. >> reporter: that's right. we are at dunn barton middle school where they will have a two-hour release. they will release two hours early because of the heat. this is the lobby area of dunn barton middle school and it's quiet right now. school kicks off at 8 this morning. and let me tell you
in this crash. no other vehicles were involved. this all happened on the ramp from the inner loop to river road. police expect that ramp to be shut down for at least another two hours. we'll stay on top it and bring you more information in a live update coming up in a few minutes. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll get to all of our top stories coming up in just a minute. first, let's get a quick look at the weather with gwen tolbert. we have a scorcher. >> oh, boy, do we. it will be a very, very hot one. 74 at national. 64 at gaithersburg. frederick at 66 and 69 at baltimore. preddy good example of where we're headed when it is warm already at this hour. nothing happening in the skies. a ridge of high pressure settled in over the mid- atlantic. that is keeping our skies fairly clear. we are going to be holding preddy steady into the course of the day. heat advisory at 12:00 noon until 8:00 tonight. >> thank you. >>> checking our top stories, in the district, council chair kwame brown says he will announce a plan of action concerning councilman harry thomas. thomas is accus
lane. traffic is being divided. the inner loop at 123, only the left lane is getting by. all of this should be clearing shortly. the outer loop traffic to access 66, that exit, that is still -- excuse me, that's being diverted on to 66 so you can get back on the beltway. 66 construction is existing between 123 and nutley. you'll want to stay to the left in that left-hand exit on to the capital beltway is still blocked. the outer loop meanwhile, take you to maryland. north of the district, drivers are doing just fine. 270. this is at falls road. drivers are still moving at speed. the time now is 4:32. still ahead, in my next traffic report, more construction. back to you. >>> as anny said, a break from the searing heat today and not soon enough for the more than 1700 of your neighbors who have been living without power for more than a day now. the majority of them are located in the district. >>> imagine trying to sleep without air conditioning? pepco says the outages were caused by an underground cable failure. around 9:00 last night, crews restored service but an hour later,
this morning. a little bit slow on outer loop top side and west coyed side. outer loop on the west side slow between baltimore national pike and frederick road. 795 is doing fine but reisterstown road is slow southbound between old court and 7 mile lane. back to you guys. >> all right. 6:49. the heat will be dangerous. this season two people died because of the sweltering temperatures we have experienced so far. it's not technically summer. temperatures hovering around 100degrees an all time high many students are struggling in the heat especially if the school doesn't have air conditioning. sherrie johnson is working with you with how schools are dealing with the heat. >> reporter: yes. we are she at leaf walk elementary middle school where heat is a major concern. this is one of several schools in the baltimore city school district that doesn't have air conditioning. and right now, i have keith scrogins joining me live today --scroggins joining me live today. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. you guys are on a half day today. students will be releaseed half what day. -- released hal
a vehicle fire that is out but the car that's on the road. the inner loop at 95 in arpiewta, an incident -- arbutus an incident in the right lane. >>> it's an answer a family was searching for but not the answer they were hoping for. for weeks, the baltimore city fire cadet has been missing and his friends and family are coping with the sad news his body has been found. sherrie johnson joins with us details this morning. >> reporter: after a three- weeker is. fire community and family members of rodney goggins have closure. his body was found in a foot of water on south shoreline in the liberty reservoir. investigators are trying to figure out how his body ended up in the water. he was reported missing about 3 weeks ago. he told his family he was going to visit a friend on kenwood avenue in the city. a few days later he, his car was found on the liberty road bridge and he was not inside. he entered the fire academy in march training to be an emt. news is devastating for his family and friends but for fellow recruits. >> he very well ranteded and intelligent and athletic. very strong lead
on the outer loop to the right of the screen. we have an incident to tell you about. 795 southbound at the beltway, on the ramp to the inner loop, there's an accident there. the far right turn lane is blocked. also water main break west lum bard between -- lombard west calhoun and stricker. >>> flames are barreling through brush in the southwest. new evacuations have been ordered in new mexico as well as arizona. abc2 news sherrie johnson is standing by with new information this morning regarding the blame game that's started this morning between forest official and a former presidential candidate. sherrie. >> reporter: well, that's right. this morning, u.s. senator john mccain is blaming illegal immigrants for starting the wild fires that torched hundreds of thousands ofic aers in arizona. -- of acres in arizona. he set them to keep warm sendsiling nails -- signals or distract law enforcement agents. he didn't provide details of the evidence. firefighters are battling five wild fires that burned a combined 732,000 acres in arizona. meanwhile, lots of smoke filled the air in new mex
down on outer loop to the left of your screen with more cars. the inner loop is moving fine through the construction area. a few incidents in wood lawn at johnnycake road, an accident andin anne arundel county 100 westbound at coca cola drive that involves one vehicle. >> thanks. >>> they catch us speeding or running red lights. no one likes red light cameras. but somebody has gone too far and this morning police want to know who is responsible for vandalizing speed cameras in baltimore county. sherrie johnson joins us to explain more. >> reporter: some folks are frustrated over speed cameras and are taking their anger out on the devices. two of the speed cameras have been vandal identities including the busiest camera in the county. a camera on greenside drive in cockeysville captured more speeders than any other. and more than 6,000 at last count. someone broke the covers surrounding the camera lens cracking it and another camera on north point avenue had the lens cover spray painted. police say both cameras were fixed within a day and although many people are critical of the came
picking up near 50. as for your outer loop, your travel times reveal that drivers are moving at a good pace. 10 minutes to get from 95 over to 270. southbound 95 no problems down to the beltway. we're in the yellow already approaching the 11th street bridge. ten minutes and growing coming from the capital beltway on d.c. 295. still ahead, a look at 267, the dulles toll road in my next traffic report at 6:12. back to you. >>> thanks, angie. let's take a look at the stories happening today. the smithsonian folklife festival kicks off at 11:00 this morning on the national mall. this year's theme are the nation of columbia, peace corps and r & b music. the festival runs from today through july 4th and then july 7th through the 11th. >> nasa will have low flying planes today. it is a new project to monitor air quality in our region. the first flight takes off around 9:00 a.m. >>> newlyweds prince william and his wife, catherine, the duchess of cambridge begin their first official visit as a royal couple. the first stop, canada's capital city, ottawa. nine-day trip includes visits to weste
toll plaza and the beltway. it's cob fusing -- confusing but you can access the inner loop and outer loop. the crew in sky fox is over the beltway near 66. their shot eastbound slowing at business 234 but we also have delays leaving fair oaks toward 123 and through vienna toward the capital beltway. a lot of sunshine delay folks eastbound toward 495. back inside, updating the ride along 270, laborers are open out of hyattstown, the pace slow toward the truck scales, slow down again at mva. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> two college students in virginia shot during a home invasion. >> one died. he is the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings who is vowing to find the killer. stacy cohan has been following the story from our news room. >> reporter: our victim's name is elijah cummings. the house where he lived is 50 yards after campus and recently the victim of an attempted break-in. james cummings believes the same intruder returned friday morning looking for revenge. christopher cummings is the youngest of five children and a criminal justice major. someo
shore. 404 remains close to. five minutes to the south on 95. 11 minutes on the northeast outer loop and the west side outer loop from top to bottom. 95 looks pretty good but volume picking up coming out of harford county. the west side continues to run smoothly. we will see some delays pretty soon. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> in north carolina at bus company is out of business this morning. sky express has been shut down. their bosses have been involved in several accidents and the company has been cited for violations of the drivers being fatigued t. drowsy driver rolled his bus near richmond. chris christie is under fire for taking a helicopter to his son's baseball game. omelet the chopper -- normally the helicopter is used for medical transfer. the fertility doctor who helped the octomom become pregnant will soon no longer have a medical license. said the action -- in medical board revoked license the doctor effective july 1. it knowledge implant the 12th embryos, six times more than what is normal for a woman her age. said the doctor treated to its other patients
on the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. that could create some delays on southbound 795 and perhaps on the inner loop. we'll keep you posted on that. lombard street, watch for water main break repairs happening and closures in a factor in pasadena, tracking an accident at central avenue. we have a downed tree at port deposit at main street. those lanes are closed in the eastbound direction. this is traffic on the west side. this is that northwest corner and we're watching to see if any delays start to form. southbound 795, an accident reported. this is sandy point and so for running smooth at the bay bridge. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> after searching and prayer, the effort to find rodney goggins has come to a tragic dan. >> his body was found in the reservoir. kim dacey is live with details. >> 20-year-old rodney goggins was reported missing in late may. shortly after, his car was found on the liberty road bridge over the reservoir in carroll county. [no audio] >> we apologize for the technical mistake. it will give back to kim later in the broadcast. th
're following the fatal accident that has the inner loop ramp to river road shut down. we'll have a live report from our surae chinn coming up. meanwhile, we want to show you as promised, the roadways around the region including 95 headed northbound, a live camera for you. everybody is doing fine as they make their way out of dumfries up toward the mixing bowl. we'll skip that camera and move it on to 395. want to show you the northbound traffic as we continue on. if you're making the trip toward the 14th street bridge, nothing in your way except the on-going construction project taking away the center lane. traffic is being divided. 495 in virginia, inner loop at 66, the roadwork holding steady. probably for the next half hour or so. in maryland, 270 headed southbound, no real problems to report. out of frederick past 121. all the way down to the lane divide. finally, we'll wrap it up with the bw parkway and 95. smooth sailing out of baltimore. still ahead, a look at 50 in maryland. that's in my next traffic report at 4:40. >>> we start with breaking news out of bethesda this morning. maryland
parkway. inner loop and outer loop is clear with no accidents to report at this time. >> danella, thanks very much. >>> right now a massive protest is under way in athens, greece. this is a live look at the crowd gathered outside the country's parliament. a controversial vote is planned today on a budget that includes widespread spending cuts and tax hikes. greece is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and needs this vote to get international help. it is expected to pass. that's if lawmakers can get inside. protesters vow to block them from entering. >>> 6:02. we continue to follow a developing story out of afghanistan. the taliban is taking responsibility for a late night siege at the intercontinental hotel, which is frequented by westerners and political leaders. officials say at least ten people have been killed. at this time, no americans are believed to be among the victims, though. police in kabul say that between six and eight suicide bombers were involved. nato says its helicopters killed three militants while they were on the roof. police in new york city immediately said they
to call it -- i guess a hot mess. our roadways, you can see, let's loop around here. 66, there's some traffic for you. yellow means we are going pretty slow. right here on 395, that's our problem area. let me stop it here for you. 395 northbound in the hov lanes, i mentioned there was an accident earlier this morning. you can see that we still have traffic there the and i'm hearing that traffic is backed up all the way from washington boulevard backed up all the way to duke street in the hov lane. that's crazy because we like taking the hov lanes so we can get on through. for you this morning, you may want to get into it the regular lanes. you can see the lanes are open here. moving along to our rails, still looking good on the rails. that's an excellent thing. again, i will keep following this accident on 395 northbound for you this morning. back to you both. >> all right. >> thank you very much. >> 6:02 right now. an unusual sight on interstate 395. one of news 4's contact producers shot this video of an apparent water main break near the king street overpass. you can see the water
loop tool river road, there was an accident involving a motorcycle. you cannot exit from 495 on tool river road. the southbound side is open. the beltway at university boulevard is open. they're moving construction barrels. this is a long-term project. qc the solid white lines on the beltway that discourage you from changing lanes. that caused delays yesterday. this project is a long-term issue. let's go back to the news desk. >>> we begin with breaking news from montgomery county. police are investigating a motorcycle accident that left two dead. it happened around 2:30 this morning on the ramp from the inner loop of the beltway to river road. bad rap is closed while investigators put together what happened. we will have the latest in a live report at 5:00. >>> our other top story it's fine experience for apartment residents in maryland. eight people rescued as the building went up in flames. >> the apartment building on 85th avenue in new carrollton. courtney robinson has the latest. >> some jumped from the balcony'sies at the apartments in new carrollton. one viewer snapped these
of road work on the beltway in virginia overnight. they were working on the outer loop near 66 blocking the beltway. you had to go out on 66 and back to the street working on the inner loop near tyson's corner. it should be out of the way in the next three minutes. over to springfield, to maryland, that is, 270 southbound 109, we see those delays early. right now, it's looking good as you make your way down 270. back to you. >> all right, thank you. >>> new from overnight, privilige privilige is investigating a serious shooting incident. after midnight, police responded to a call at east capital street and crown street. a van veered off a road and hit a tree. it had bullet holes in it when it crashed. police are not rehe'sing any more information. we will continue to bring you updates as they become available. >>> also tonight, police are investigating a fatal stabbing in northeast washington. it happened in the 700 block of 24th street at 1:30 near springham senior high school. a man in his 30s was stabbed once in the chest and pronounced dead at a local hospital. >>> 4:34 is the time.
for this june 7, 2011. we begin with breaking news off the beltway in bethesda. the exit from the inner loop to river road is closed for a serious motorcycle accident. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we just spoke with maryland state highway officials who are saying this is a double fatal accident. two people died early this morning here on the beltway. as you can see here, this is the ramp onto river road here. this is blocked for now as they investigate exactly what led to this accident. one motorcycle. two people on the motorcycle killed in this accident that happened at 2:52 a.m. for now the route to river road inner loop is closed as they continue with this motorcycle investigation. you can see here again this ramp is closed off. they have plenty of officials trying to figure out exactly what led to this accident. we don't have the genders of the folks who were involved. when we have more information, we'll bring it to you. live to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. this could add a messy commute to our morning. jerry edwards has the latest on how to get arou
. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins outer loop heavier to the left of the screen. no problems on the inner loop to the right 6 your -- right of your screen. dealing with construction 395 northbound all your lanes are oa. construction has been picked up. 295 northbound at nursery, the left lane was closed overnight and should be wrapped up by now. hopefully if they are on time. megan. >> thanks. >>> it's minute after five this morning. christopher cummings was shot to death in his off campus apartment in virginia. his family this morning is looking for answers about the murder of the old dominion university scene. >> this is christopher's room. >> 20-year-old christopher cummings died in his room and his mother came in looking for answers that are not there. >> as his mother i can't tell you what i am going through. it's just been a nightmare. >> rose' brother-in-law elijah cummings met yesterday with police to discuss the investigation. there is a reward of $2500 being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person that killed christophe
's the outer loop to the left of the screen a little heavier traffic. traffic is building the inner loop very quiet. if you are traveling from the baltimore beltway down to the capital beltway, there's something to tell you about. watch out for activity on the shoulders. because 95 southbound before 216, we have damaged cars that hit tire debris. megan. >> thanks. >>> it's 5:00. get ready for detour downtown traffic is expected to be pretty slow this morning. and it has to do with construction from the grand prix. sherrie johnson is live with what you need to know. sherrie. >> reporter: well, all is quiet. not too bad. look behind me here. you can see some construction equipment is set up. the barrels are lining the street on conway street and today your commute to and from work could be a nightmare if you have to come near the downtown baltimore area. traffic delays are expected to intensify because of construction related to the grand prix. today conway street which isgoing to be closed in both direction between light and charles street. crews are breaking down the intersection in preparati
the the oud outer loop 7 minutes and earlier accident to is now on right shoulder top side of the beltway. 795 at dulaney valley, no delays up there. we are doing all right. charley. >> thanks. >>> you know we are learning more about the deadly shooting that took place in southwest arizona. authorities say 73-year-old man killed five people arounduma in southwest arizona before turning the gun on himself. abc news rick benson brings us the latest on the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: authorities are investigating a series of fatal shootings in southwest arizona. >> it's just cops every where taped off cones. >> reporter: the shooting happened in several areas arounduma county. >> there were five crime scenes in the county and there was one in the city. >> reporter: police say the shooter is 73-year-old kerry dice. >> we can say at this point that the suspect and all of the victims were associated in some manner. >> reporter: one of the victims was an area attorney. >> he was a good attorney. he knew what he was doing and according to a news release i read understanding he was going to ret
on the southwest side. heavier traffic to the left is the outer loop. inner loop on the rift -- loop on the right heavier than yesterday. a couple incidents. debris on the road at the fort mchad he beenry tunnel. bore one is closed southbound and an accident in the city hilton parkway at hilton street. charley. >> thanks a lot. >>> it's straight up 5:00 and it was bad enough that the anaheim angels lost to kansas city but things were worse when the team was headed home. charter flight carrying the angels made an emergency landing at los angeles international airport. a little before 12:30 this morning. the team usually lands at orange county john wayne airport but was redirected because of possible hydraulic problems. >>> tonight, two authors and one organization will be here in baltimore to teach people how to care for and handle and treat pit bulls. it's a huge issue for baltimore city for years. linda so has all new reaction this morning. linda. >> reporter: well, it seems whenever you hear about a dog attack in the city, it involves a pit bull. the breed is often believed to be dangerous and
. everything is green. zooming on over to the outer loop. let's take a live look at colesville road. no problems between 95 over to 270. you might see residual police work on the inner loop between colesville and university but that should be out of the way here shortly. going back over to the graphic, 270 right now. look at the green cars moving. na problems here. taking a live look here at 109. everything looks good here all the way down to the split. moving over to our travel times, 66 eastbound, 10 minutes. inner loop of the beltway, 13 minutes. eastbound on the toll road, no problems there. we'll have more traffic coming up including a look at the bw parkway at 5:09. andrea, mike, back to you. >>> thanks, chris. there will be ceremonies marking the two-year anniversary of metro's deadliest crash. >> nine people died june 22, 2009 when one red line train slammed into another. 9news now reporter surae chinn joins us from near the crash scene with more this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is a somber area. a beautiful heartfelt memorial on the bridge. y
the outer loop of the beltway, the lanes are filling up. so far you're going along at a nice speed as we head down to virginia. look at this 66 and sudley road. 66 east heading towards the city, your lanes are full. and i can tell you too, so far no significant delays. i want to take a look again at the rails because we do still have delays on the rail. both the marc and vre are delayed. marc brunswick you're delayed 10 minutes. and on the vre train number 304 you're delayed 15 minutes. >>> coming up, what president obama did not say during a speech at a gay rights >>> jim riggleman does what many managers dream of doing. >>> if you are trying to buy tickets to the 2012 olympics in london, you may have to keep trying. so many people on tickets when they went on sale this morning. they crashed the website. ticket window is open for ten days until july 3rd. we tried the website overnight. it allowed us to go to the registration page. >>> many washington nationals fans are stunned this morning. jim riggleman essential told the team to this job and do you know what with it. the team was in t
on the inner loop. pgh from traveling there from the tunnel over to liberty. the outer loop and break lights as you make your approach and on the harrisburg in the southbound direction and we have debris on the beltway and drive bay. and that's northbound and east cromwell bridge. mountain and niles lane and between augustine and battle grove. looking at drive times. 42 miles an hour average and 15 to get through there is a live look. and this report is brought to you by the cochran firm f you or someone you know have suffered an injury called 800- the-firm or visit them for a free consultation. back to you. >> thank you. >>> still ahead on the news at 4:00... and in the streets of vancouver, what sparked violence. >> my thought was i need to edit this. >>> unique encount weir a lion. see the video that has gone viral. >> and a program that is designed to give amateurs. and auditorium. >>> and tim williams will update the forecast coming up. , >>> police in texas are looking for the man caught on tape attacking a bus driver bus driver. he starts punching him in the face. police say the man w
on the inner loop from 75 over towards 83. if you're heading out in the next few minutes on the west side, outer loop traffic is building just a bit. delays are starting to crop. very spoof on the harrisburg expressway and shawan road. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> president obama wants more than 30,000 u.s. troops to leave afghanistan by september of 2012. >> he made that announcement last night. tara mergener is in washington with more. >> good morning. thousands of u.s. troops will be getting some new marching orders, many by next month. >> thanks to our extraordinary men and women in uniform, our civilian personnel and our many partners, we're meeting our goals. >> in a prime-time address, president obama announced the u.s. has put al qaeda on the path to defeat in afghanistan. it is time for u.s. troops to start heading home. >> we will be able to remove 10,000 of our troops by the end of this year. we will bring home 33,000 troops by next summer. >> the president said the remaining 70,000 u.s. military members will leave at a steady pace. afghan security forces will tak
into town. we have late-clearing construction. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. the outer loop west side is moving well here. the backup on the outer loop north the side. it will get worse. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> new york representative anthony wiener it admits to sending receive photos of themselves over twitter. >> kate amara joins us live with calls for an investigation. good morning. >> democratic leaders want to know if representative anthony wiener violated and the house ethics rules. the congressman pledged cooperation. >> i have not told the truth. >> congressman anthony wiener admitted to sending a lewd photos to a college student in seattle. he had claimed a hacker was to blame. he said he meant to send the message as a direct message. sent explicit photos and messages with six women and said he will not resign. >> i accept responsibility for this. people who draw conclusions about me are free to do so. i have been in politics for 20 years and i hope they see fit to see this in the light that this is, is deeply regrettable mistake. >> said he used his p
down to the fort mchenry. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. on the north side, everything is clear. we are moving well in the outer loop toward the west side. this is traffic at the b-w parkway. both of those roadways continued to run smoothly. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> we're showing a few bus diversions this morning. chuck five, 46 the rate was down at madison and washington. be prepared for those delays. light rail and mature running fine from end to end. now back to tony pann. >> heat adviser in effect for today for just about everybody watching. the heat index will be approaching one of degrees again -- 100 degrees. six to nine at the airport right now -- 69 at the airport right now. the humidity will increase this afternoon. we're watching a cluster of thunderstorms from new york state. this not as vigorous. it holds together, some of the outflow from those thunderstorms could trigger a few storms in maryland. yesterday we had a cluster of storms, we have some cloud cover drifting southbound. not a
from us is the beltway inner loop for the day of sex. a little bit more volume on towards the west side. that's the latest. >> and anne arundel county neighborhood is in stock this morning following multiple stabbings. >> a family of four sent to shock trauma. jennifer is live in millersville with details on how victims may be the suspect. >> they suspect the suspect is the father. all four in shock trauma in serious condition, suffering from stab wounds . 6:30 yesterday morning they in the 1600 crofton o block of forrest hill court. two daughters and their 49-year- old mother had a stab wounds to the upper body. the man, their father, age 49, was found in the woods an hour later. >> we are still investigating, it seems to be domestic-related. >> neighbors are still in shock. the older daughter was in college and the younger daughter just finished seventh grade. yesterday with the press day of summer vacation. the father is under guard at shock trauma and the charges are pending peripatetic contender for france the audit, wbal. >> a 13-year-old north as baltimore and laurel is recoverin
are forming. inner loop approaching philadelphia road, another vehicle fire. northbound on the j.f.x. approaching cold spring, an accident coming into us. no southbound delays. york road, another spot where there could be some delays because of fire department activity. 11 minutes on the outer loop north the side. 10 minutes to travel southbound on 95 down to 32. this is greenspring. still in great shape over towards the j.f.x. some delays starting to fall into place. nothing significant in the northbound direction. you may start to tapping the brakes. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> some new details surrounding the murders of a woman and her daughter. >> if it was in witness protection about to testify in court. jennifer franciotti is live to explain. good morning. >> autopsy results will confirm the cause of death and confirmed reports that alicia avery was several months pregnant at the time. police are investigating this as a double homicide. she and her daughter were discovered monday at the welcome inn. police say this is a complicated case. they want to know if
spot is near baltimore national pike on the outer loo. but it's not stop and go. let's look -- loop -- outer loop, but it's not stop and go. the outer loop to the right of your screen will slow down a little bit. eastbound the right lane remains blocked on 50. the traffic gets by on the left shoulder. megan. >> thanks. >>> an awful thing for neighbors to see. two bodies removed from an apartment building. a mother and a child. police say this looks very suspicious. it happened in the 8600 block of loch bend drive near loch raven and joppa. sherrie johnson is live with the latest details. >> reporter: yes, later today, an autopsy will be performed on that mother and daughter to find out how they were killed in their home. the bodies were discovered yesterday afternoon as the -- at the welcome inn apartments in towson. baltimore county police say 25- year-old alicia avery and her 4- year-old daughter dariel parker were found dead in the apartment around four. neighbors say that they smelled the odor of decaying bodies and police have not said how long they were dead. no one has seen o
. >>> here's the inner loop and outer loop, this is university boulevard. it looks good. you're in for a smooth ride. and 95 in virginia at the springfield interchange, north and south in virginia, you're looking great as well. happy wednesday to you. eun and joe, back to you. >> same to you. thank you very much. >>> d.c. police say the gunman who shot and killed a 71-year-old vietnam veteran inside his southeast home may be trying to rob him. solomon reese apparently sold cigarettes out of his apartment at the marbury plaza apartment. police say men wanted the cash and tried to take it from him sunday night. police found reese unconscious with a gunshot wound around 9:30. he was taken to the hospital and died. neighbors say he went out of his way to help others. >> he's always been a gentleman to me in and out, minding his business, stuff like that. he's an older guy. >> so far no arrests have been made. >>> police in montgomery county are searching for the thieves who stole a trash can of drugs from a local pharmacy. surveillance cameras were rolling when burglars broke int
where the lanes divide, the inner loop of the beltway where there is that construction between allentown road and branch avenue. no worries on the outer loop. in my next report, we'll take a look at the dulles toll road. >>> anyone who rides metrobus to work this morning in this morning's commute, you're warned, could be a mess. >> bus drivers are being encouraged by their union to take steps that could slow things down. it is in an effort to raise awareness about driver safety. >> reporter: anthony garland was a metrobus driver for 21 years before becoming the safety officer of the bus driver's union. >> i'm a people person. >> reporter: he says driving the bus was a great job when he was doing it. >> i enjoyed driving the bus. >> reporter: he's not so sure there is now. >> there is danger in transit, period. >> reporter: in the past week and a half, three different metro drivers were sent to the hospital after being attacked by passengers. according to garland, for years now, the union has asked metro to beef up security on buses but nothing's been done. >> you don't think that metro
, and into next week at 6:21. danella, how's traffic? >> there's trouble outer loop of the beltway. right at new hampshire avenue there seems to be a multivehicle crash here. you can see there are delays, and what i'm hearing and what i'm seeing as well is that only the right lane is passing. so traveling outer loop of the beltway in maryland, you're only able to pass on the right lane as you pass new hampshire avenue. chopper 4 is on their way there now and i'll be back in ten minutes with an update. eun and joe back to you. >> danella, thanks very much. >> 66 degrees. a wedding scandal ahead this morning. >>> after six long weeks the defense is expected to rest its case in the casey anthony trial sometime today. this comes after another emotional day of testimony by anthony's father, george anthony. he broke into tears as he described his suicide attempt six weeks ago. after -- rather six weeks after caylee's body was found. he also told the court he could not bring himself to believe that his daughter had committed murder. to that casey anthony said something under her breath. george anthony
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